Radon Testing Protocols

Serving Lake, McHenry, northern Cook and northern Kane counties.

The State of Illinois is a licensing state for Radon Measurement and Radon Mitigation Professionals and Technicians through the The Radon Industry Licensing Act, 32 Illinois Administrative Code 422, Part 422, Regulations for Radon Service Providers.

All measurement procedures (protocols) are completed in accordance with and under the IEMA's (Illinois Emergency Management Agency), Department of Nuclear Safety, last amended at 33 Ill. Reg. 14479, effective October 9, 2009.

Laws and regulations can be found at www.radon.illinois.gov.

Download the "Preparing Your Home for Radon Test", a helpful tool for understanding the Radon testing protocol.

Measurement Placement(s)

Measurement devices are placed on each separate foundation type within a home.

Example: a split-level building with a basement, a slab-on-grade room and a room over crawlspace shall have measurements made in each of the foundation types: the basement, a slab-on-grade room and a room over the crawlspace.

This ensures that you know your radon level in each of the living spaces that you occupy.

Measurement Devices

Radon Measurement DeviceAt Northeast Illinois Radon Testing we exclusively use electronic monitors from a leader in the field of radon detection, Sun Nuclear Corporation's Radon Models 1027 and 1028.

Radon Measurement DeviceOur reports include the hourly intervals accumulated over the measurement period, along with the EPA Protocol Average that is used to report the level of radon in your home. Placement of the monitors is provided to ensure that you know the test was done within regulation and for your peace of mind. We provide a concise Report page that is easy to read and understand.

You, our customer should call us anytime, even after our service is completed, for questions, concerns, resources or general information that you would like answered about radon. We do not leave you once the job is done. We welcome your continued education.