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Northeast Illinois Radon Testing

Radon Testing Requirements

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Closed building conditions shall begin at least twelve hours prior to the beginning of the measurement period and shall be maintained throughout the measurement interval. The following conditions comprise closed building conditions:

  1. Normal operation of permanently installed energy recovery ventilators may continue during closed building conditions.
  2. The HVAC system should be set at a normal temperature level with the system fan setting on “Auto” for the same 12 hours prior to the test and during the test. (Minimum 67 degrees, Maximum 77 degrees)
  3. The operation of dryers, range hoods, bathroom fans, and other mechanical systems that draw air out of the building may adversely affect test results.
  4. In buildings having permanently installed radon mitigation systems, the mitigation system shall be functioning during the measurement interval.
  5. Air conditioning systems that recycle interior air may be operated during closed building conditions.
  6. ALL windows shall be kept closed.
  7. ALL exterior doors shall be kept closed except for normal entry and exit.
  8. Whole house fans shall not be operated.
  9. Fireplaces or combustion appliances shall not be operated unless they are the primary sources of heat for the building. Fireplace damper MUST be closed
  10. Ceiling fans, portable dehumidifiers, portable humidifiers, portable air filters, and window air conditioners shall not be operated within twenty feet of the detector.
  11. Air handling equipment shall not be set to operate continuously unless the air handling equipment is specifically used for radon control and is so labeled.
  12. Interference (including moving the device) with successful completion of a Radon measurement is illegal in Illinois and will result in an invalid test.
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