Radon Testing for Rental Units

In Illinois:
January 1, 2012, Public Act 97-0021 became effective.
It is a new law to help people who rent apartments, condominiums or houses, access information about radon levels in their homes.
IEMA has developed a brochure, “Radon Guide for Tenants“, which can be viewed on their website, www.radon.illinois.gov.

The new law requires owners of rental units to inform renters in writing before a lease is signed, if the rental space has been tested for radon and that a radon hazard may exist. If the rental unit hasn’t been tested, a renter can conduct a do-it-yourself radon test or ask the owner to test by hiring a licensed radon contractor. If a renter conducts a radon test in the rental unit and if results show high radon levels, the renter should inform the building owner in writing.


In June, 2011 the EPA published “Protecting People and Families from Radon, A Federal Action Plan for Saving Lives”.


This Action Plan is a multi-year, collaborative effort, led by the EPA. Healthy People 2020 is a ten year, national agenda for improving the health of all Americans, including the objectives for radon risk reduction.

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